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Swine Sirloin in beer

Is there a better combination than Swine sirloin and beer? This recipe is fast, easy and delicious and has everything that a good Brazilian Barbecue needs, leaving it even tastier with Globo Grill Salt, and perfect for the Brazilian Barbecue.

1 whole Swine Sirloin steak
3 Tablespoons of course-grained salt
Aluminum foil
4 garlic cloves
8 small peeled onions

How to prepare:

1 – Open a piece of the aluminum foil
2 - Fold the ends of the foil, place the meat on top of it and sprinkle the salt
3 - Pour beer, mix the garlic and onions and wrap the meat in the aluminum foil. Leave it marinating for 30 minutes
4 - Stick the meat in barbecue sticks and take it to the barbecue
5 - After it is cooked, remove the aluminum foil, cut and serve!