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Oven Sirloin with course-grained salt

The Sirloin is used like a meat for the Brazilian barbecue that is generally prepared in s Steakhouse, but with this simple recipe, you will find out a different way to prepare it – fast, easy and tasty. Try it!

1 whole top sirloin (2.6 pounds)
4 egg whites + ½ cup of flour
5 tablespoons of butter
5 tablespoons of olive oil
Black pepper
2 onions

How to prepare:

1 – Fill the bottom of a baking pan with approximately 2 pounds of course ground salt

2 – Place the sirloin with the fat facing up

3 – Mix rapidly the egg whites, the course ground salt and the flour

4 – Put the mix above on top of the meat along with the rest of the course ground salt

5 – Take the meat to the oven (390F) for about 2 hours. When you notice that the meat is cooked and the way you like it then remove the salt on the surface of the meat

6 – Transfer the meat to another surface and cut into thin slices


1 – Mix butter and olive oil in a frying pan

2 – Add the onion and fry it well with a sprinkle of black pepper

3 – Add the sauce to the top to the cooked sirloin and enjoy!