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Christmas Turkey

The Christmas meal involves many family traditions. Some families even have their own secret family recipes for the special Christmas meal; other families simply eat the traditional Christmas dishes, like the Turkey or Chester.

1 whole turkey (11 pounds)
2 cups of white wine
50ml of olive oil
½ cup of champagne
Butter or oil
Oregano, salt and black pepper

How to prepare:

1 – Mix the white wine, salt, olive oil, black pepper, oregano and the savory

2 – Apply the mixture above to the outside parts of the turkey and leave for one day in the refrigerator so that it can incorporate the flavor

3 – Place the turkey in a baking pan

4 – Apply a little bit of oil or butter on the turkey, mixing it with the sauce that had been marinating.

5 – Fill the inside of the turkey with “Farofa”, band the two wings and tights

6 – Cover the baking pan with aluminum foil and take it to the oven for approximately one hour and half

7 - When it is almost cooked, remove the aluminum foil to golden the turkey